VALVE INLET 913 / T- 3 GROOVE | 4153631-D | D4153631-D

VALVE INLET 913 / T- 3 GROOVE / 4153631-D / 3 wheelers, Deutz earth movers

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The 4153631-D Valve Inlet with 3 grooves is a premium yellow metal part specifically designed for 3 wheelers and Deutz earth movers equipped with the 913 / T engine. This quality refurbished valve regulates the intake of air into the combustion chamber, ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. With its precise engineering and durable construction, the 4153631-D Valve offers reliable and long-lasting operation. It is compatible with the 913 / T series and comes with a 6-month warranty, ensuring customers’ satisfaction. Upgrade your yellow metal machines with this exceptional inlet valve to unlock their full potential.