TURBO CHARGER L2806E / 2106E L1806E | RE535684

TURBO CHARGER L2806E / 2106E L1806E / RE535684 / FEL’s earth movers

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The RE535684 Turbo Charger is a quality refurbished yellow metal part designed for L2806E, 2106E, and L1806E engines. This turbocharger is specifically tailored for FEL’s earth movers, providing enhanced engine performance and power. With its robust construction and precise engineering, it delivers reliable and efficient turbocharging capabilities, ensuring optimal operation of the machine. The RE535684 Turbo Charger comes with a 6-month warranty, signifying its durability and quality. Improve the performance and productivity of your FEL’s earth mover with the RE535684 Turbo Charger, backed by our assurance of reliability and customer satisfaction.