THERMOSTAT 180 6.8 PT | RE64354

THERMOSTAT 180 6.8 PT / TLB’s Earth Movers

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The RE64354 Thermostat is a yellow metal part specifically designed for TLB’s (Tractor-Loader-Backhoes) Earth Movers. This thermostat helps regulate the engine temperature by controlling the flow of coolant. It is designed to open at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring optimal engine performance and preventing overheating. The RE64354 Thermostat is built with quality refurbished materials to withstand the demanding conditions of earth-moving machinery. It comes with a 6-month warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in its reliability. Compatible with TLB’s earth movers, this thermostat is a crucial component for maintaining the proper operating temperature of your yellow metal machines. Add the RE64354 Thermostat to your quote for pricing.