SUMP 3 / 912 TIN | 3362623 | D3362623

SUMP 3 / 912 TIN (Part Number: 3362623)

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The SUMP 3 / 912 TIN (Part Number: 3362623) is a vital component designed for yellow metal machines like 3 wheelers and Deutz’s earth movers. This sump serves as an oil reservoir, ensuring proper lubrication and cooling of the engine. Crafted from quality refurbished materials, it offers exceptional durability and reliability in demanding operating conditions. The precise design and construction of the SUMP 3 / 912 TIN provide a perfect fit, allowing for easy installation. With its efficient oil retention and anti-leak properties, this sump helps maintain optimal engine performance. The part comes with a 6-month warranty, providing customers with added peace of mind. For reliable oil containment and protection of your machine’s engine, choose the SUMP 3 / 912 TIN. Enhance the performance and longevity of your yellow metal equipment today!