STARTER B25D 24KW / 24V (9T) / DC222249 | DC221926

STARTER B25D 24KW / 24V (9T) / DC222249 / ADT’s and Mercedes’s Earth Movers

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The DC221926 Starter is a yellow metal part specifically designed for ADT’s (Articulated Dump Trucks) and Mercedes’s Earth Movers. This starter motor provides reliable starting power to the engine, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the equipment. It features a 24KW / 24V configuration with 9 teeth, offering optimal performance for heavy-duty applications. The DC221926 Starter is built with quality refurbished materials to withstand the demanding conditions of earth-moving machinery. It comes with a 6-month warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in its durability. Compatible with ADT’s and Mercedes’s earth movers, this starter motor is a reliable choice for maintaining the productivity of your yellow metal machines. Add the DC221926 Starter to your quote for pricing or continue reading the full description below.