RUBBER INLET 912 SERRIES 70ID | 1170858 | D1170858


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The 1170858 Rubber Inlet 912 Series 70ID is a yellow metal part designed for 3 wheelers and Deutz’s earth movers. This rubber inlet serves as a crucial connection between the intake manifold and the air filter housing. It provides a sealed passage for clean air to enter the engine, preventing contaminants from causing damage and ensuring optimal combustion. The 1170858 is a genuine Deutz part known for its high quality and compatibility with yellow metal machines. With its 70ID size, it fits perfectly into the intake system. This rubber inlet comes with a 6-month warranty, giving customers confidence in its performance and durability. Upgrade your machines with the 1170858 Rubber Inlet 912 Series 70ID to ensure efficient and reliable air intake for improved engine performance.