PLATE END MFE15 | 220362 | B220362


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The 220362 Plate End MFE15 is a yellow metal part specifically designed for yellow metal machines like 3 wheeler’s earth movers. This plate end serves as a crucial component in the MFE15 system, providing secure attachment and support. It is engineered with precision and made for quality refurbished materials to ensure durability and reliable performance in demanding work environments. The 220362 Plate End MFE15 is compatible with 3 wheeler’s earth movers and plays a vital role in maintaining the machine’s operational integrity. With its precise design and robust construction, this part offers a long service life and contributes to the overall efficiency of the equipment. It comes with a 6-month warranty, providing customers with peace of mind. Ensure the reliable performance of your yellow metal machine by adding the 220362 Plate End MFE15 to your maintenance supplies.