KEY WOODRUFF 11.5X3MM | 220074 | B220074

KEY WOODRUFF 11.5X3MM / 220074 / Compatible with yellow metal machines like 3 wheelers and earth movers

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The 220074 Key Woodruff 11.5X3MM is a vital yellow metal part designed for yellow metal machines such as 3 wheelers and earth movers. This key plays a crucial role in securing rotating components to the shaft, preventing slippage and ensuring proper functionality. With its specific dimensions of 11.5X3mm, it provides a precise fit for compatible machines. Made with durable materials, the 220074 Key Woodruff 11.5X3MM withstands high levels of stress and ensures reliable performance. It comes with a 6-month warranty, guaranteeing its quality and effectiveness. Upgrade your yellow metal machine today with the 220074 Key Woodruff 11.5X3MM for enhanced security and performance.