HOUR METER GUAGE B227324 | 201074 | B201074

HOUR METER GAUGE 227324 / 201074 / Compatible with yellow metal machines like 3 wheelers and earth movers

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The 201074 Hour Meter Gauge is a crucial yellow metal part designed for yellow metal machines such as 3 wheelers and earth movers. This gauge measures and displays the number of operating hours of the machine, providing valuable information for maintenance and servicing purposes. It helps track the usage and lifespan of the machine, ensuring timely maintenance and optimal performance. The 201074 Hour Meter Gauge is built with durability in mind, with its reliable construction and precise engineering. It comes with a 6-month warranty, guaranteeing its quality and effectiveness. Upgrade your yellow metal machine today with the 201074 Hour Meter Gauge for enhanced maintenance and longevity.