GREASE NIPPLE 1766 TRACTOR | 200007 | B200007

GREASE NIPPLE 1766 TRACTOR / 200007 / Compatible with yellow metal machines like 3 wheelers and earth movers

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The 200007 Grease Nipple is a crucial component designed for yellow metal machines such as 3 wheelers and earth movers, specifically for the 1766 Tractor model. This yellow metal part allows for easy and efficient greasing of the machine’s joints and moving parts, ensuring proper lubrication and reducing friction. The 200007 Grease Nipple is built to withstand demanding conditions and extended use, providing long-lasting durability and reliable performance. With a 6-month warranty, you can have confidence in the quality and effectiveness of this grease nipple. Enhance the maintenance and performance of your yellow metal machine today by incorporating the 200007 Grease Nipple into your routine.