GLASS SIGHT 1 IN BSP FUEL / HYD OIL | 210187 | B210187

GLASS SIGHT 1 IN BSP FUEL / HYD OIL / 210187 / 3 Wheeler’s, Deutz earth movers

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The 210187 Sight Glass is a yellow metal part designed for 3 Wheeler’s and Deutz earth movers. It is a transparent glass component with a 1-inch BSP (British Standard Pipe) fitting, used to visually inspect the level of fuel or hydraulic oil in the system. The sight glass provides a clear view of the fluid inside the tank, allowing operators to monitor and maintain the appropriate fluid levels. Crafted with durable materials, the 210187 Sight Glass offers reliable performance and excellent visibility. It is designed to fit 3 Wheeler’s and Deutz earth movers seamlessly. Each 210187 Sight Glass comes with a 6-month warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality. Monitor your fuel or hydraulic oil levels effectively with the 210187 Sight Glass.