GASKET KIT F2L912 | 2910149 | D2910149

GASKET KIT F2L912 / 2910149 / 3 Wheeler’s, Deutz earth movers

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The 2910149 Gasket Kit is a yellow metal part designed specifically for 3 Wheeler’s and Deutz earth movers with F2L912 engines. This gasket kit includes various gaskets necessary for engine maintenance and repair, ensuring proper sealing and preventing leaks. Crafted with precision and using quality refurbished materials, the 2910149 Gasket Kit offers excellent durability and reliability. Each gasket in the kit is designed to withstand the specific demands of the engine components it seals. The 2910149 Gasket Kit comes with a 6-month warranty, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. Keep your engine in top shape with the 2910149 Gasket Kit.