CONNECTOR – 12MJIC-16MOR | 120129 | B120129


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The CONNECTOR – 12MJIC-16MOR, identified by part number 120129, is a yellow metal part designed for use in 3 wheeler’s earth movers. This connector serves as a reliable and secure connection point for hydraulic hoses and lines. It features a 12MJIC (Male JIC) connection on one end and a 16MOR (Male O-Ring) connection on the other end. The robust construction of this connector ensures durability and longevity in demanding applications. It is engineered to withstand high pressure and provide leak-free performance. The CONNECTOR – 12MJIC-16MOR is a crucial component for maintaining the hydraulic system’s integrity and efficient operation in yellow metal machines. It comes with a 6-month warranty, providing customers with confidence in its quality and reliability. For a competitive quote on the CONNECTOR – 12MJIC-16MOR, contact us today.