CAB MOUNTING RUB B40 BN020863 | 187891 | B187891

BELL ADT / DUMP TRUCK / Articulated Dump Truck

B25D, B25E, B30D, B30E, B35D, B35E, B40D, B45E, B50D, B50E


187891 / BN020863

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Yellow Metal  Part: CAB MOUNTING RUBBER, part number 187891 / BN020863, used specifically on yellow metal machines; Dump Trucks B25/30/35/40/45/50 D&E series . Durable, Robust and High-quality cab mounting rubber is made with precision, delivering optimal performance. The cab mounting rubber is a perfect fit for yellow metal machines. Upgrade your B25 – B50 D&E  machines performance with this Yellow Metal part.