BOWL – PRE-CLEANER MF07-196 | 200103 | B200103

BOWL – PRE-CLEANER MF07-196 / 200103

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The 200103 BOWL – PRE-CLEANER MF07-196 is a yellow metal part specifically designed for 3 Wheeler’s earth movers. This bowl is a critical component of the pre-cleaner system, which removes larger particles and debris from the intake air. It is manufactured with quality refurbished materials to ensure durability and efficient filtration. The 200103 BOWL – PRE-CLEANER MF07-196 is a direct replacement for the original part, ensuring a proper fit and easy installation. With a 6-month warranty, this bowl offers reliability and peace of mind. Add this part to your quote to get a price and maintain the optimal performance of your 3 Wheeler’s earth mover’s pre-cleaner system.