BEARING BLOWER F5-F6 6205Z-C3 | 220922 | B220922

BEARING BLOWER F5-F6 6205Z-C3 / 220922

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The 220922 BEARING BLOWER is a yellow metal part designed for use in yellow metal machines like 3 Wheeler’s earth movers. Specifically, it is suitable for the F5-F6 models. The blower bearing is an essential component of the machine’s blower system, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. The 220922 BEARING BLOWER is made with quality refurbished materials to withstand the demanding conditions of earth-moving applications, offering exceptional durability and performance. It is a direct replacement for the original blower bearing, ensuring a proper fit and easy installation. This bearing comes with a 6-month warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of its quality. Add the 220922 BEARING BLOWER to your quote to get a price and enhance the performance of your 3 Wheeler’s earth mover.